Wonderful Healing


Grandbabies give loving your heart never imagined until, you are blessed with them and its impossible to survive now knowing what is in store for those of us who have struggled as parents and single parents the gift of a grandchild love is a treasure my heart will cherish, always.

Those we gave up our youth to raise somehow manage to give subtle glimpses of instilled moral, values, and they do remember your special reapply when they asked you what you had prayed and you always just told them that guidance is truly in my prayers and mercy and the ability to always follow not ever trust my own judgment but if if be his will, I humbly prayed. I stayed on my knees and talked to the Good Lord, all while I placed faith in his direction in my soul, that is a relationship I have I am ashamed to say lately I found my way back to prayer. I feel his forgiving grace and I am rewarded by peace in my heart.


I love it for my visit with my daughter and granddaughter to come. I was almost six weeks ago that I got to see them. I love video chat, I have been able to see Alannah Kay when she was just a week or so we were still waiting to see her but I think Lanna, my daughter was working two jobs and she is the best momma. The way to see that is in my girl, Alannah. She is 14 months old and walking around here but she has been there for awhile but she finally made the decision to go after her daddy let her bring two kittens home from his mommas. She’s been seeing them but he said she couldn’t get one.¬† I called the other day and she was going to get one. He let her get two exactly alike. They keep each other from being lonely while she’s at daycare. She is enjoying her playtime and she eats good at lunch her mom gets a report that reflects her day and she getting along great. I miss her she stayed with me from three weeks to eight months old.



My Heart, Nanny’s Babygirl!

Keeping  It Real

This is my love. Alannah Kay Lawson my granddaughter. She just had her first birthday and she is just a week or two short of walking she can take 4 or 5 steps before she sits and claps her hands she is the happiest child and has a wonderful personality. Just like her mother.